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It is hereby notified for information and compliance to all concerned that my client M/S AS SPORTS, Sialkot are the Proprietor of registered Trademark Brand “A.S” nationally and internationally in Sports Goods e.g. Cricket, Hockey and Sports Wear items under the Trade Mark Act and the Copyright Act. No body can sell locally and internationally by themselves or through their Agents, servants or any other person except the authorization issued by the M/S A.S SPORTS, Sialkot. None can deal with the products of A.S SPORTS. Also be acknowledged that A.S Sports have no authorized distributer in Pakistan. A.S SPORTS only sells directly to Individual, Wholesaler and Retailer throughout the world.

It has been noticed by my client that certain person/firm, Companies or agents are committing the violations of registered Trade Mark and registered Copyright. They have been violating the same and using the Brand name of A.S of their own on their websites to attract the customers in order to deceive them.

It is thus reminded to all such person that the violating of the registered Trade Mark or registered Copyright entails not only the criminal liability, but also a civil liability.

Through this notice, it is thus warned that if any person is found committing the violating of the registered Trade Mark or the registered Copyright of my client, he shall be prosecuted and sued in the Court of Law at their own risk and cost.

A.S Sports – Pakistan
Managing Director

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